It has a round shape and ovoid with medium thick peel feature for redness on more than half of the surface. The flesh is orange with reddish pigmentation more or less intense.


The nucellare tarocco is a resistant and productive variety, it has no seeds and a homogeneous medium size in round shape. The skin is thin and orange colored with light shades of red, which are accentuated more and more as they mature. Even the flesh reflects the same colors of the skin.


Born from the nucellare selection and, as the latter, also the Tarocco gallo does not have seeds. It has an ovoid form. The color of the skin is yellow-red with anthocyanin rare and not very extensive pigmentation. On the basis of the fruit you may notice a small notch round with well-defined edges that differentiates it from the aesthetic point of view from other varieties of tarocco. The juiciness is medium - high.


It is smaller than the Tarocco, with peel in medium-grained. The flesh has no seeds, and it is characterized by a very intense red color.


The fruit has an ovoid and spherical shape, the peel is compact with shades of red-winey. The flesh has no seeds and it is orange with several streaks and it is very juicy.


It is a blonde, medium sized orange, it has a spherical shape and a thin skin. Theflesh does not have seeds and it is pale orange colored. It has a high juice yield.


Without seeds, it has a round shape and high juiciness. In the lower part of the fruit a particular excrescence (called navel) can be seen, and it is a small fruit more or less developed inside the real fruit. It has a characteristic taste, which is sweet and juicy.


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