It is obtained through hybridization of tangerine and orange. The fruit resembles tangerin: the main differences are to be found in the color of the flesh, much more orange. In addition, it is never flattened as tangerins, but always well rounded. The clementine is consumed mainly as fresh fruit because it has all the typical properties of citrus fruits, including a high content of vitamin C. It is often preferred orange as never exceeds in acidity and peel off more easily.


The Tacle is a cross between Tarocco nucellare and Clementine. From the first Tacle took the dimensions and it took almost all the rest from of the clementine. The fruit is oblate shape and taste 'bubbly'. The rind is smooth and thin and has a deep orange color with the presence of anthocyanin (reddish), it has a soft texture and it is moderately adherent to the flesh. The latter, like the skin, is intense orange colored with anthocyanic speckles.


It is a hybrid between tangerine and orange fruit. It has a deep green color even when ripe. It has a spherical shape, flattened at the poles. The flesh is orange without seeds.


Nova is a hybrid between the Clementine 'Orlando' and the 'Common'. It comes with a rounded shape flattened at the poles. The rind is smooth and thin and has a deep orange color. The flesh, well adherent to the skin, has few seeds and a high level of juiciness. Size is medium - large.


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