foto chi siamoThe company Agrumhè is engaged in the production and processing of Sicilian citrus fruits for more than two decades, but it acquired its name recently.

It was born and established itself as family-run business, with headquarters in Biancavilla (CT) and office ancillary in Ascoli Piceno. With professionalism, it supplies for years shopping malls, supermarkets and fruit shops throughout Italy, offering a wide range of chosen products. With the knowledge and the ambition to be a brand that is a guarantee of quality, the company Agrumhè will continue to present itself to the domestic and international markets with the aim to satisfy a wide demand, with agricultural products appropriately selected and monitored, born from combination of tradition and innovation.



Teramo, Garrufo.
Strada provinciale 7B n.44

Ascoli Piceno
Porta Romana
Piazza Cecco D'Ascoli