arance-homeThe Sicilian orange is the fruit that contains the sun, the sea and the scents that make Sicily 'terra d'amuri e d'incantu' (the land of love and enchantment).
The fruit is nice to see, good and healthy. Its extremely versatile flavor lends itself to the preparation of many fine dishes, both sweet and savory. If consumed simply by itself, is an unparalleled source of energy, vitamins and antioxidants . These aspects, as well known, are common in nature to oranges from any source, but it is now established such as citrus fruits, being plants of tropical origin, possess low resistance to low temperatures and particularly fond of hot weather and humid enough. Considering that, we see that the Sicilian environmental conditions are among the most capable in the world to produce citrus with unique and inimitable characteristics.

The recognizes as Sicilian red oranges of the following varieties:


•    Tarocco
•    Moro
•    Sanguinello
So, these are the varieties of oranges which Agrumhè deals with, but our range of products does not end here. Visit the reference entry to find out more.

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